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Log Files Not Being Deleted

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Hi,after previously using a different antivirus and subscription expiring,i am trying out eset and have started a free trial so i am a new user

I am liking what i see so far and i am starting to get used to the interface a bit more now

I have one question please,i have gone in settings/advanced set up/tools/log files and set automatically delete records older than.....(i have set it to  1 day) but when i look it has records still in there such as events from updates etc etc and they are not being deleted.There

Is there somewhere else i need to change that i have missed or is there some bug or some other thing i might be missing?

Thank you for any help

Also is it possible to turn off logs altogether if i canot get these to auto delete after the required time otherwise i will end up with a long list and have to do it manually every time i want to delete them.

This is internet security version


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It is not a good practice to delete log records after 1 day. I'd strongly recommend keeping the default value of 90 days:

1, you won't save any disk space
2, if you got hit by malware further analysis of what happened would be impossible since all log records would be gone.

However, I've tested deletion of old records by setting retention to 1 day and then run the log maintenance task from scheduler. All older records were deleted.

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That was it,i had somehow turned off log maintenance in schedule when i have been messing around with settings

Told you i was getting used to this interface after trying it out,it will take a bit longer


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