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Update using multiple proxy in the same subnet


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Our branches have two proxies in the same subnet, for instance:

proxy A: -> Proxy that connected to each branch's internet provider
proxy B: -> Apache http proxy that chained to http proxy in the HQ

Is it possible to have dual update profile for ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7.x, so the client will try to connect to proxy A first. While connection in proxy A is not ok (update failed, proxy cannot reach), then the client will try to update using proxy B as backup. Proxy A should has highest priority, so proxy B only be used if proxy A fails. At the end, direct connection should be used when proxy A and proxy B fail (probably when the client is outside the branch's network).

Thank you.

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You can create another update profile, then edit the regular update task in scheduler and select a primary and secondary update profile there.

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Hi Marcos,

Thank you for your response. Is the default update profile also applied for other task, such as when I trigger to update ESET products from ESMC (Endpoint Antivirus version upgrade)?

So I will change the default update profile using ESMC's policy to use proxy A (using the local internet provider), then edit the regular update task in scheduler to use proxy A as the primary update profile and proxy B as the secondary one. However, in Tools -> Proxy server, I still use proxy B as the proxy server. Is the version upgrade still use proxy A as the proxy for upgrading Endpoint Antivirus, installing other ESET product from ESET repository, or probably for ESET LiveGrid feature?

Thank you

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