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Unable to pull database from other server


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Working on replacing our 6.5 ESET RA server with the 7.2 ESMC.  I deployed the appliance (vSphere) and it's on the network.  I can connect to it on HTTPS.  I'm at the step of pulling the database from the old server, but it fails out immediately with "Remote connection was not successful".

It appears that the old ESET RA server is rejecting all SSH connection attempts as I've tested from other machines and they can't establish a connection with the old one either over SSH (but can on HTTPS).  I went through the system administration panel, but did not find a way to turn SSH on in there.  Did I just overlook it?  Do I have to start sshd manually from the CLI?  Other?



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Nevermind, I got it.  I started digging around and despite SSHD running, there was a recently modified SSHD_Config.  Looks like a prior system administrator had made some kind of change, but fortunately there was a backup.  Restored backup, rebooted, and I was able to pull the database.

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