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Multiple licenses

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I migrated to msp.eset.com when I go to the activated_units page, I find many of my endpoints seem to be using two licenses for the same product, it looks like this:



Can someone explain what this means?

Should I go through and deactivate the duplicates?

Is there some automated way to clean this mess?

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Nearly all "Multiple Devices" represent the same machine with different versions of Endpoint Security.

A few are clearly different machines, each with a different computer name, installed at different times etc.



Very confusing....

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  • ESET Staff

Hi John,

I will send it to our engineers for investigation. The entries where you have the same device twice, is a known issue when the old version of Endpoint remains "registered" as activated. However, only one unit of a license is consumed in that case, due to the fact that license consumption is tight to a hardware fingerprint. It´s safe to remove the duplicates. 

The other issue (different names of the devices) is something that might need to be investigated.  You can theoretically "reset" them in a way, that you deactivate all of them, and reactivate them from ESMC, ideally via a dynamic group set to trigger activation task automatically when any product reports it is not activated. (if they are connecting all-right). That might result in correction of the issue. If it reappears, then we will have to investigate it in more detail. 



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