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Anti-Theft: Phantom account testing

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I just recently installed Eset SS7 on my laptop and enabled the Anti-Theft feature. I went through the install procedure and got everything working on my main account. I was able to run the test and see the location, screenshot and the webcam. After testing on the main account, I hopped onto the newly created phantom account to see if that account was working properly as well but I noticed that Eset was not showing on the taskbar. Is this working as intended or is there something wrong? It does look like the website does mark the laptop as suspicious but I wanted to make sure.



Eset not showing up in the phantom account taskbar and does not complete the website test like on the main account. Is this working as intended?



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You are not suppose to log into the phantom account at all.


Its only there for collecting data and assisting with recovery as soon as its stolen.


It also triggers a warning to the web interface when someone does log into it.

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