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Renewed NOD32 license not updated


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Hi guys,

I renewed yesterday my existing NOD32 license online (via NOD32 renew license option) and also added a new mobile security license to it.

For this order I used different email than the one I used for buying the existing NOD32 license 3 years ago.

All went well, paid and received the new license key for mobile security.

However, my existing NOD32 license key is still shown as expiring in 7 days in NOD32 and my.eset.com license manager - see attached screenshots.

I tried to contact Austrian support, they told me that there is an issue with license synchronization in EU.

Does this issue affect only license renewals?

As otherwise it would not explain why buying a new license worked.

I can provide other details (the order number/PDF, email, etc)  via PM if needed.

many thanks for any help





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  • Administrators

Please provide the public ID of your license. I was able to find only a trial license for EMS for Android registered with your forum email address so I assume that you must have used a different one when purchasing the license.

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello @bluezone,

it is true, that some of the licenses are / were experiencing such issues, but it is not a case for the one 33C-3HM-9GA mentioned.

I checked it in the licensing system and it was not renewed at all yet.

I guess your new license might have a different public license ID so please check it with the mails received, in case you won't find it there please contact the reseller to find out your new license details.


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for checking.

I renewed existing license and was told by Austrian support (support@sicontact.at) that in such case, the key does not change so I would not have received anything via email either.

The existing license should just have been extended.

Is this correct?

Also, it is the correct license, as when I request the license details to be resent, I receive the same license on the expected email address.

Therefore this seems like an issue with the ESET eShop/Nexway.

I have already requested a refund for the NOD32 renewal via https://eshop.eset.com/de/checkout/customercare?cartid=c94dda0d-74c5-40f7-9aa0-b6e91e30e4d1

Is there something else I can do?

I would rather get the 70 euro back and buy a new license instead of endlessly trying to fix this.



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Hi all,

The ESET online shop fixed the problem on their end - I would say the changed email address was the cause here.

The license is now shown as valid for another 3 years and also with the expected 3 PCs.

many thanks for everyone's help!



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