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Pop-Up: Sig Update File Not Digitally Signed

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EDIT:    WORKING NOW - Ver 9042 - 44 Updated via Auto. Fixed itself.


The auto-updates to Sig Db Ver 9840-41 failed and manual attempts for Ver 41 all produced the pop-up below............


It also showed Ver 9839 was Up-to-Date Vs. 9841 existing...........


Anyone else having Auto-updates fail now?


I presume I just say "Yes" I'll use it -  but I also expect that the Auto-update function will keep failing.


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This happens if an update file gets modified by a proxy server and thus the digital signature is no longer valid. Does it happen every time you attempt to update? A Wireshark log from an update should shed more light. Please create one and convey it to Customer care.

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