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Ingram Micro MSP licenses

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I am purchasing Eset endpoint security MSP licenses from ingram micro. The first client I setup by creating a new subscription for Eset under the clients account and was able to add these licenses into ESMC

I am wondering if I can just use a single subscription for Eset licenses at Ingram Micro and add the licenses into the pool and use them as I need them for any client configured in ESMC? Would I need to create a Parent static group and create all my clients under that group?

So, if I were to purchase 20 lics, could I divy them up as needed between clients.


Thank you,


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I am not sure if there are any staff here in the forum who are familiar with the MSP licenses sold by Ingram Micro.  We tend to focus more on installation issues, troubleshooting conflicts, malware remediation and similar issues.

What I would suggest is contacting ESET's office at +1 (866) 343-3738 and asking to speak with an MSP account service rep for information about how to apply licenses those licenses to your customer accounts.


Aryeh Goretsky

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