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Eset connection through WAN

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Hello Eset community, 

I've been toying around with the best way to get my WFH users to grab ESET updates and keep visibility in the ESET console for the machines. We have a couple of sites where we will be using our ESET, but they are not joined to our network in anyway, And also with the Covid rush to WFH, some users have ended up with their desktops at home for an extended period of time. 

C level has put a hard no on giving everyone at home a VPN to connect and get updates. 

Is this an ok approach to take? I have been looking at the known networks profiles, and having it fall back to a WAN address for updates with a whole punched int he firewall to the ESET management server. does it need more then just 2222 for the updates AND reporting? 


On top of that, any articles that clearly lay out the steps of creating a new update profile that point to the WAN address? 


As always, thanks in advance!


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As for update, we recommend updating from ESET's servers and using an http proxy to cache downloaded files. The proxy setup provides an option to connect directly to ESET's servers if the proxy server is not available, e.g. if a client is roaming and is outside your company:


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