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If a software tried to collect my data, would ESET prevent it??

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I installed a software called "Pdfelement". But I have discovered that another software came with it, called "wondershare helper". I uninstalled it. But, after some days, I discovered that the software was still active.

I searched on the internet, and I read that the software's main function is to know if you already used the trial time of the software and maybe send ads... 

But, I wonder, is that possible that this software sent information about my PC activity, or even archives copies or print screens to someone? My ESET internet security was activated all the time. 

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If it's not a legitimate software it would be detected as malware or pot. unwanted or unsafe application. PUA/PUsA detections are optional. ESET does not make a DLP solution but we have a partnership with Safetica that provides DLP. For more information, visit https://www.safetica.com/.

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