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How to recover Offline Licenses from ERA 6..5

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I have an ERA 6.5 server that I am in the process of decommissioning. It is being replaced with ESMC 7.x
I have 2 offline licenses where those servers were decom'ed a while ago (before my time) but the licenses were not reclaimed.

How do I get these licenses back into the pool?

I do not see documentation on how to do that.
1) verify who is using the offline licenses
2) how to put them back into the public pool.

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  • ESET Staff

If you want to put them back into the license pool, you just need to delete the offline files from the license administrator / business account. However you need to make sure, that the servers which were activated by them, are no longer present. 

I will have to check with my colleagues, if there is any effective way of finding out which machines were activated by them. Theoretically a report in ESMC could be created, but that is usually based only on "public license ID" so both online and offline activated seats might appear in such report.  But if those servers were decommissioned, one can expect they are no longer in use. 

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Thanks Michal.
License Administrator is the online site correct? https://ela.eset.com

I suppose I would be on the Dashboard, expand my license. Click on the link in the "offline" column
this would bring me to some page. I would then click the one box and say remove?

And yes, I would definitely need to have a way to check. As I go to that page it pops up a warning about "1 Connected to internet" which might suggest there is one machine I'm not aware of using this license. I would most definitely need to resolve that first.




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LION has been using licenses as old as that. In my ESET folder where I keep all of my downloads I have a .txt file that has all of this information in it. I have never had trouble using these license numbers  or even the old username and password combination. Sometimes it pays to keep all of your eggs in one basket, presuming that you have these eggs backed up!


GRRRrrr... So Why did this LION have write to get a password reset?  Even LIONS follow knot their own advise : (


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