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Approved IP list not working

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I use ESET Mail Security  for Microsoft Exchange Servers.  I have two problems. 

1. My customer ip( is not  black listed but still ESET mail security shows it is found on cloud black list.

2.  I tried to add that ip  to "Approved ip adddresses" but  ESET still doesn't look at approved ip list. still it shows the same "ip  found on cloud black list"

I was using the old version on Exchange 2010.  that feature was working  as expected. But on Exchange 2019. Mail Security 7.1 looks like it doesnt work properly.

Thansk in advance




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The IP address is actually on the cloud blacklist. Please carry on as follows:
- enable diagnostic logging (Tools -> Diagnostic logging)
- receive email that is incorrectly evaluated as spam
- stop logging
- collect logs with ESET Log Collector and also add the email in the eml or msg format to the archive or provide it separately
- upload the archive here but also open a ticket with your local ESET support to make sure that it's properly tracked and you receive a timely response.

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