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All I did was start the installation of the free trial, and your program installed and started scanning on its own and then completely erradicated one of MY FILES and a LEGIT PROGRAM. No recycling bin, no notification to see if maybe it was or was not a good idea. They're just gone. HOW DARE YOU automatically run a scan after installation with settings that automatically delete ANYTHING in a user's personal folders? Very, very bad introduction to your product and I can't say that I will even continue with this trial or ever even consider one of your products again if you can't show smarter thinking than that. And of course there's no easily discoverable feedback link, so here I am. And here I go.

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On top of that, you won't let me stop or quit the program to prevent it from doing more harm. No permissions to exit. Automatically starts back up again after I pause it. There are 5 different places I have to tell it not to delete things without asking me first. This is just a terrible, terrible way to go about it. Never again, ESET, will I make the mistake of downloading one of your programs, and never again will I recommend that anyone else does either.

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The initial scan run after installation scans all files on local disks and cleans detected files. While malware, adware and riskware is cleaned automatically, potentially unwanted and unsafe applications require the user to select an action at the end of the scan.

We've run a test and files were cleaned and quarantined alright. Please collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive here for perusal.


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To begin, Eset doesn't permanently delete files; it places them in Quarantine. They can always be restored from there after setting real-time scan exclusions for the files for whatever Eset detected. This is not recommended unless the files have also been verified by another malware scanning authority such as VirusTotal.

Eset scans by default are set to "Remedy detection if safe, ask otherwise." Safe in this context means file removal would not adversely affect system operation. Refer to the below screen shot on how to modify default scan cleaning behavior:



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