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How to get my site marked as safe

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I am a new web developer. I recently received the attached screenshot from a user. What steps can I take to get my website marked as safe? I don't use SSL encryption, and hope to avoid its complicated setup and verification, but I will use it if required.

Thanks in advance!


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Access to the website was blocked by Parental Control because a parent blocked the appropriate category. Unfortunately you didn't enclose the domain / url so we can't check if the categorization is correct or not.

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The url is not categorized yet. Since it's blocked by Parental Control, the user must have blocked access to not categorized urls.

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1 hour ago, 2231puppy said:

How do I get it categorized?

Eset has predefined categories a parent for example, could restrict a child household member from accessing. See the below screen shot for a few of them. The alert Eset is displaying is because and assumed the source that installed Eset on their household devices has restricted access to one or more of these categories. Obviously, your web site is classified in one of these parental control categories. I don't know what Eset uses to determine how a web site falls in one of the categories. But there are various web site rating concerns that do so.



In the Categories tab, you can define the general categories of websites that you want to block or allow for each account. Engage the switch next to a category to allow it. If you leave the switch off, the category will not be allowed for that account.

Copy – Lets you copy a list of blocked or allowed categories from an existing modified account.




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