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Map static groups between two different ESMC servers

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We need to migrate to another ESMC servers due to database change. In the old ESMC server, we use MySQL database, but since the number of endpoints keep growing, we found that the performance is getting poor. So we decided to build another ESMC server that uses SQL Server 2019 as the database.

We have successfully import the static groups and policies to the new ESMC server. We tried to migrate several endpoints from the old ESMC server to the new one using policy. However, in the new ESMC server, the endpoints are located into Lost & Found group, not in the original group in the old ESMC server. Is there any way to automatically map the endpoints in the new ESMC server based on the old ESMC server groups? For information, in the old ESMC server we use GPO scripts to automatically map the endpoints into groups (based on the location).

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  • ESET Staff

Not sure, but by mapping you meant that newly installed endpoints are to be placed in specific group? If so, what method you actually used for this purpose? In case mentioned GPO installers were created with "initial static group", i.e. with pre-selected group where endpoint should be placed, it won't work in case GPO installers were generated with old ESMC, but client are connection to new one - is this the case? Problem is that placement group is protected by secure token, tied to ESMC that generated is, so that it cannot be misused -> failure of token validation would result in Lost&Found placement of devices.

Most straightforward solution would be to create new installers in newly deployed ESMC: how many such alternatives are actually used? There might be also alternative to move "secret" from old database to new, which would probably result in working installers, but would also invalidate installers created in ESMC ...

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