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Hello.  I have ESMC v7.2.1266.0 running with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RT Express Edition (64-bit) v14.0.2027.2.  I'm doing some maintenance in our environment and I see that SQL Server 2017 CU21 was released on 7/1/2020.  The version I'm running (v14.0.2027.2) was released 7/9/2019.  My question is am I able to upgrade our SQL to CU21 without causing any major issues with ESET?  I believe it should be okay, but I wanted to see if anyone else has upgraded their DB or if the version of ESMC has be using SQL v14.0.2027.2.  Thanks!



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5 hours ago, T3chGuy007 said:

I went ahead and installed the CU21 update and I have not encountered any issues.

Thanks for confirmation. Actually even upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2019 should be fairly straightforward, but there is too much combinations to test them all, so migrations should be performed with caution and backups.

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In case anyone was wondering, I upgraded SQL Server 2017 Express to SQL Server 2019 Express, and I have experienced no issues.  After the upgrade, I had to download and install CU6 for 2019 since the upgrade only installed the RTM version (15.0.2000.5).  



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