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Arrow keys repeating numbers inside online banking window

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does anybody know about this issue that arrow keys are repeating the numbers tiped inside online banking window?

1234566666666 are continued by using any arrow key (up/down/left/right)

Outside of the window everything is as usual. This exist since aprox. 1 -2 weeks


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forgot additional info
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You can temporarily disable keystroke scrambling in the BPP setup. You can switch to the pre-release update channel and test it with the BPP module 1193 that should be released on the pre-release channel soon.

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I tired to duplicate this by selecting keyboard arrow keys and could not duplicate this behavior in EIS 12.2.15 B&PP using module 1192 on Win 10 2004.

I typed 123356 then pressed all arrow keys in sequence; up, down, left, and right - no repeating 6 number generated.

Do you have any key scrambling software installed such as KeyScramber: https://www.qfxsoftware.com/

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Hello again,

finally I got an answer about this: "Suddenly the problem disappeared at the same way it came." Maybe with the automatic update it was done.

Thanks to all!

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