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Push installation from ERAC not proceeding past "In Progress"

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I've recently aquired a trial key for ESET to evaluate it in our domain, however i've ran into a problem.


I installed the Admin console and Admin server on a remote server in the domain to try and deploy ESET to a number of clients running Windows 7.


After setting up firewall and setting the servie runas account to a domain admin i get the push diagnostic reports to pass with no errors:


Diagnostics user context:    contoso\administrator

Installation result:
Setting IPC$ Connection:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)
Setting ADMIN$ Connection:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)
Copying ESET Installer:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)
Setting IPC$ Connection:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)
Registering ESET Installer as a Service:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)
Diagnostics conclusion:    Result Code: 0 (The operation completed successfully.)"


However when i try to deploy a package it stays on "In Progress" for an extended amount of time.

The details of the install job says: "State text: ESET Installer Service successfully started"

But no client installation occurs.


I've tried the package with /qn reboot="Reallysuppress", /qb! reboot="Reallysuppress" and with no switches at all. No changes.


On the client i'm trying to install on, in the event log, i get Error 7030:

"The ESET Remote Installation Service service is marked as an interactive service.  However, the system is configured to not allow interactive services.  This service may not function properly."

So i made sure that the HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Windows/NoInteractiveServices is set to 0, to allow interactive services.


Starting to draw blanks now, i don't really know how to proceed with the troubleshooting.

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I don't think you still have this problem or are still trying to resolve it, but just for other people who find this post:


Make sure port 2221-2224 TCP are open on the server for clients. If not, the push installation will hang at in progress, service started.

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