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ESET Mail Security not processing all emails

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I have a problem with ESET Mail Security 4.3. running on Win Server 2003 SE with Exchange 2003.


It seems that not all emails are processed by the anti-spam engine. Some emails are missing from the spam logs and are delivered to users inboxes without being checked. These emails do not have any attachments.


Is this a performance problem?

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I assume these emails are not sent from internal addresses, are they? Have you tried disabling the following options?

- Use Exchange Server whitelists to automatically bypass antispam protection
- Accept antispam bypass flag set on SMTP session

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Correct, theses emails are not from internal addresses. These two options are not available in ESET Mail Security 4.3.


I have tried adding the domains of the sender addresses of the spam mails to the blockedsenders-file. In addition I added a rule that moves all emails that do not contain an @ in the sender address to the spam folder (check for NOT(@)), because one of the emails that got through had web37p4 as sender address.


How can it be that emails do not show up in the ESET Mail Security Spam Log? Because they are in the approvedsenders-List?

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same problem here!

Exchange 2007 (transport e mailbox) on SBS2008

Incoming email downloaded via popconnector.

Not all emails are processed by eset EMSX (4.5.10023).

Some dangerous emails go to user mailboxes.

Any idea?

Thank you

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