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Hello Everyone - Major issue

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Hello Team,

For the past week I have reinstalled and troubleshooted Windows for 27 times.

The problem is like this when I install everything, OS, Drivers, Software + ESET, when I reboot the PC first everything works perfect, and on the next reboot ESET loads and everything freezes.

But it freezes like, no programs are loaded after ESET in the taskbar, OneDrive remains disconnected.

If I try to access any partition it says Working on it, task manager does not work, nothing works.

If I reboot the PC, everything is OK, works perfectly, another reboot same issue

So it is 1 Reboot OK and 1 Reboot not OK.

I have cheeked event log for Applications and System and no error.


I have disabled one by one every protection mechanism in ESET, the only thing that works is when I stop Real TIme Protection, then everything works perfect on each reboot.

When I uninstall ESET computer works perfect.


I have reinstalled windows 27 times, thinking I have a issue, remade the media USB 5 times.

One time, explorer was crashing on 1 and 1 basis, one ok , one crashing , desktop was not loading.


Please guys, I love the product, the PC works faster with ESET then with windows defender.

I really want to use it, please help

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I have attached a screenshot of what I see whjen I reboot the pc when it is frozen and task manager is not loading up.

And a video of how it look when explroer was crashing.

Right now I am not seeing the above errors anymore.

Windows is Windows 10 2004, latest version with updates.

I Have tried using ESET 11x Eset 12x ESET 13X and the prerelease versions


Exactly the same issues.


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With ESET not installed yet, please configure Windows to generate complete or active memory dumps as per https://support.eset.com/en/kb380-how-do-i-generate-a-memory-dump-manually. Then install the latest v13.2.15. Does the issue occur immediately after installation? Or after the next reboot?

When the issue occurs, please trigger a crash to generate a memory dump as per the instructions above. Compress it and provide it to us for perusal along with logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

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