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Dashboard >> ESET Applications >> Update Installed ESET products issue

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When doing an upgrade to a newer version of existing ENDPOINT AV machines in the dashboard it is choosing all the machines regardless of the uncheck of machines. I have reproduced the issue on multiple environments using multiple web browsers. 

1. From ESMC go to Dashboard >> ESET APPLICATIONS >> Outdated Applications. 

2. In my environment I had 25 machines that had 7.0 of EEA so i went to that group and "update installed Eset products" 

3. I typically like to test an upgrade on a few machines first so I did the "click here to see list"  and unchecked all of them but 2 machines. 

4. If you click on "click here to see the list" again it has all of them selected where before it would only show you the ones you left checked. 

5. I went ahead and unchecked all again and selected my two machines and then checked the box to finalize upgrade. 

6. It pushed out to all 25 machines with reboots. 

To summarize, the upgrade option via dashboard only works now to all machines even though you have deselected them. 

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