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Not getting confirmation Key

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Posting this here since "General Discussion" was grayed out.


I recently purchased a 2 year 2 device key form eset website but still have yet to rec'v the email and it has been multiple days.


I've checked my chrome email, checked the promotions tab, checked the spam, everything shows nothing. I tried calling the sales support but been in 40+ minute wait queues with no pick up whatsoever.

I tried emailing and starting a ticket, I got the email saying that it will be reviewed but still no word after 3 days of submitting the ticket even though you said "1 business day"


Tried waiting a little longer assuming that this might be affected by oovid and might possibly have a lack of staff, still I do grow impatient cause I felt like I spent money for nothing.


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I was able to find only a license which expired 4 days ago. Were you actually charged for ESET after purchasing a renewal? Did you purchase it through ESET LLC (www.eset.com/us)? If so, please contact ESET LLC or the seller if you purchased from elsewhere.

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