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Firewall Settings in File Security

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Servus Community,

is it possible to configure a firewall in Windows File Security that only allows inbound and outbound ports from certain sources or destinations and prohibits everything else? For example RPD only from this host and also only RDP and nothing else? Or port 2222 (ESET Communication) only from and to this host? I can't follow the instructions I found in the File Security interface.

The Windows Firewall would be one possibility but there are 1001 magic rules inside, of which probably half are only understood by Microsoft Nerds. I would like to avoid using them.

Thx & Bye Tom

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15 minutes ago, Marcos said:

ESET FIle Security doesn't have a firewall.

This is maybe the reason why I haven't found it... 🙄

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For RDP , It's simple you just need to add the addresses that should come to RDP port in remote addresses under Scope

The rule is User Mode - Remote Desktop TCP and UDP

Edit : I mean in Windows Firewall , same as for other ports/apps

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