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EFDE Monitoring

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I'm not sure if these things are in the works, but there's not really any visibility on EFDE in ESMC. Could we have some way of monitoring these clients with EFDE in the dashboard/reports such as password uses left on each machine, general information to show during audit? 


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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Mr.Gains

you are right, reports are in the works currently.

we are panning to offer reporting (more or less) in this scope:

  • Computers not eligible for encryption
  • Computers eligible for encryption  EFDE not installed
  • Computers eligible for encryption. EFDE installed AND disk not encrypted
  • Computers with encryption in progress
  • Computers encrypted 
  • Computers encrypted using TPM chip
  • Computers encrypted using OPAL 2.0
  • Computers encrypted via FileVault2 (future)
  • Computers with boot disk only encrypted
  • Computers with all disks encrypted
  • Computers recovered in past month...

What exactly would you like to see in the reports? Except for "password uses left" you mentioned above...

Thank you for your inputs

Ervin Rendek

PM for Encryption solutions

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