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Constant and ramping high cpu usage and ram

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Something is wrong with this version or something is triggering eset, ive been running constantly at 90% CPU usage and eset plays a 30-40% role in that for a long period of time as ram consumption sits around 500mb+ and did one time go up to 4gb.

I only have 2 chrome windows open:

  •  1 usually a stream or iptv,
  • other some passive browser game ( tribal wars)

firefox with usually 1 tab only under a vpn.

Here's what's  happening:

When system starts and i start my normal routine CPU usage is low and ram but after a couple of hours ESET Service is up to 30+% and doesn't drop for the following hours.

  • Pausing everything from eset doesn't work, usage still remains high
  • The only way to tone down eset is to close both firefox and chrome  and reopen, and usage goes to the normal state of  <10%.
  • ESET real time protection seems to loop constantly under chrome/mozilla temp,profile,etc files.

At this point i've tried to uninstall,set to defaults,gamer mode and nothing works only full reset.



16gb ddr3

Chrome and Firefox under ssd.

OS:Windwos 10 1903 build 18362.900


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Does temporarily disabling startup scan tasks in scheduler and rebooting the machine make a difference?

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The behavior seems to have got a bit better but still pulling 20-33% usage and memory is all over the place , perma 1gb+ usage, in some instances if i switch power plans (example)  memory spikes to 4gb.

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Behavior changed a bit then came back to the same
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  • 1 month later...

To this date the issues have not been fixed.

I've completely tried everything , even turning off everything in eset and the problem is still present

40% cpu usage , 1gb ram...this thing puts a heavier load then a AAA game title.

I'm moving from eset and not recommend it anymore.

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Unfortunately without a complete or active memory dump from the point when the issue occurs it's impossible to find out what's going on. In case of issues like this, please open a ticket with your local support so that the issue is properly tracked and you receive a response in a timely manner. Without a proper diagnostics and analysis it's not possible to move further, find the root cause of the issue and possibly make a fix.

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