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Application Reporting frequency

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I use the "installed applications" facility a lot, as it's great for telling me what's installed on our different machines. How often does this scanning take place? Our Agent checks-in to ERA every 60 seconds but on one PC there are applications showing which I uninstalled 4-5 hours ago.

Is there a way to force a rescan?

Many thanks



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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately there is no way to force re check, except restarting AGENT service, which might probably require reboot of machine.

Checks are performed not very often due to possible impact on system, byt AGENT should be "listening" for changes in relevant system registries, which should cover most situations, and this might be possibly not working as expected. Also I would recommend to check state of WMI service on this client, as it's broken state might have also impacted such changes notifications.

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