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Full CPU with eset FileServer Linux

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Hi everyone, im using eset file server in centos 6.7. When i open eset realtime protection server is load 100% cpu. And i cannot scan beacause everytime i scan system is crash. How can i fix this issues. Thanks a lot

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Same issue here. I'm on a trial at the moment.

After having very good results with our windows web servers we decided to test it out on our Linux web servers and the first one we installed it on went down within 5 minutes of installing and setting up. No ping or anything. We rebooted and same again. CPU is going crazy before it goes down.

So we had someone physically plug a monitor in and he got on it fine. He then did yum remove efs and everything started working again.

I have now tested it on a blank Centos VM and a scan uses about 70% CPU when it has 2-cores and about 50% when it has 8-cores. Which is crazy compared to windows were it uses about 20% on a 4-core server(sometimes spiking to 40ish%) which is actually a live server(files being modified while scanning) whereas the test VM was doing nothing except the scan.

It's a real shame because we had such great results with it on windows.

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