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Allegedly missing dependencies linux-headers / ESET Endpoint Antivirus / Manjaro or Arch Linux

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Good morning!


I have got an issue while trying to install Eset Endpoint Antivirus for Linux v. I work with Manjaro Linux and Intel Pentium 2117U (64bit). The key problem is that allegedly I don't have two packages in my system, exactly: linux-headers-amd64 and linux-headers-generic.

Now, I will explain the problem in detail. Firstly, I downloaded a file: eeau.x86_64.bin. Then I followed official instructions: https://help.eset.com/eeau/7/en-US/installation.html , so the .bin file extracted two files: a .deb file and a .rpm file. Then I used "debtap", which gave me .pkg.tar.zst file - appropriate for my package manager, which is pacman. Then I began an the installation process, but it was interrupted, because I didn't have "linux-headers". So I checked version of my system's kernel, which is 5.4.44-1 and installed "linux54-headers" package, which matches exatly to this kernel version. Files of "linux54-headers" are stored in: /usr/lib/modules/5.4.44-1-MANJARO/ and subfolders. When I supplemented "linux-headers", I tried once again starting the installation, but unsuccessfully. Still, I receive an information, that I don't have "linux-headers" in my system. Also, I get a question, if I want to omit these two packages (-amd64 and -generic), but when I respond "yes", it gaves me this: "searching for conflicting packages... there is nothing to do" and it ends the process.

Does anybody know something about this?


Thankful for Your help,


Zrzut ekranu z 2020-07-09 17-09-29.png

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