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Error code 8451 for MirrorTool

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I've been having some difficulties getting MirrorTool to run consistently in the past and now,it's failing everytime I run in. 


What I'd get is the following:


Mirror Tool, Copyright (c) ESET, spol. s r.o. 1992-2019. All rights reserved.

Creating mirror for product: ep6

Mirror type changed to regular


Initialization finished

Perform full mirror started

Update status for product 'ep6' changed to: Preparing structures and analyzing

Downloading file: update.ver.signed. Downloaded: 100 %

Downloading file: update.ver.  Downloaded: 100 %

Update status for product 'ep6' changed to: Downloading files

Update status for product 'ep6' changed to: Finished

Perform full mirror finished


Uninitialization finished

Error: Perform full mirror failed with error: File not found on server. Error code is: 8451

Error occurred.

Also, it stops at "Downloading file: update.ver.  Downloaded: 100 %" for a long time (10 - 20 min. [currently timing the current run]) before proceeding.

Can someone clarify what 8451 error code is?   Furthermore, is it possible in the future to have a better verbose option or a log-to-file option? 




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