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Anti theft sign in problem

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I am using eset internet security A problem I have is when I open the software..click TOOLS in left margin and click ANTI THEFT link.  I  have NO problem with either CONNECTED HOME MONITOR or BANKING PROTECTION links.  

But if I click the anti theft link..the email and password boxes appear. After I put in the information and send...my hard drive begins to go non stop with the harddrive light staying on constantly with no flickering.  The cursor freezes with no movement at all. The horizontal balls keep moving to the right but nothing ever happens. Due to the harddrive takeover I can only shutdown via a hard shut down.

In the past I had a eset tech do the uninstall n reinstall due to the basic uninstall does not work..the internet drivers are messed up with that in depth uninstall process.  Eset helped on fixing this and the reinstall. 

If I sign into anti theft via Eset main web page i have no problem there..it is only using my eset IS software page

Any ideas why this harddrive takeover occurs? I have a windows 8.1 version..no other problems with eset.


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