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ESET Uninstaller not working - wrong version

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I have the free Trial Version, which is now expired, if I want not spend a lot of useless money, I must remove this nice tool now.
Normal Uninstall or Reinstall in Windows 10 Home ist not working. Error Install registration data not found...
So I tried this uninstaller in SafeMode from several pages (which are in fact all the same exe) https://support.eset.com/en/kb2289-uninstall-eset-manually-using-the-eset-uninstaller-tool
But the uninstaller says there is the wrong Windows version!! WTF!! This is a damned mess or all pages are simple lying.

I can never recommend this tool anymore. My friend has an paid treaty now.


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The strings you've mentioned are not included in the Uninstall tool. Please provide:
- information about your OS
- a screen shot of the errors you're getting
- a log generated by the Uninstall tool (~ESETUninstaller.log)

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