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Webconsole /Apache does not accept pfx certificate

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Hi all,  Using the  all in one installer I have  created a Remote Management Server (on Premises) on a Windows Server.  However, I having issues getting our buissness certificate exported as a  .pfx  to work  using   both Apache and ESET Webconsole certificate input methods.   No matter what  I do,  it will not accept  the our trusted .pfx  certificate.   (everything works well with the ESET Secure Certificate) .
Some things that  I have  tried 

1. Uninstalling  Apache and reinstalling Apache\Webconsole with add custom certificate 

2. Modifying the Apache Server.xml to accept new certificate with passphrase

3. Importing the new certificate into .keystore in Apache 

Just wondering if I missed anything , I have used some of these links trying to resolve

the certificate error  - many thanks 


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