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Cannot uninstall ESET and keep admin permissions

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I have a question about the limited admin account being used on this system. Do you log on to Win 10 using your Microsoft account?

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I also watched the provided video all the way to the end which I did not do previously.

The system was not restarted after Eset was uninstalled as so prompted to do so. Do so and now test if this AppData folders access issue still exists. Or is the point here to prove that Eset does change file permissions in some way when it is installed?

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Windows Security/Defender had these folders locked down in the "Controlled folders." Once I turned off this controlled folder access I was able to manipulate my documents folders (and all others) with no issue, even after uninstalling ESET.

Thanks to Marco and Petey and ITman. Special shoutout to itman's patience and petey's diagnosing skills.

Feels good to have this resolved and I'm more confident than before that ESET is above reproach and worth purchasing a license.


Thanks again!


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One thing that still doesn't make any sense to me is if WD Controlled Folders was blocking access to files, you should have been receiving Windows Security Center notifications as noted in this article: https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/use-controlled-folder-access-windows-10-windows-defender/ . Guess you payed no attention to those? 


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3 hours ago, itman said:

The first question is if WD real-time scanning was auto disabled when Eset was installed as is normal procedure?

Also WD  has a  "Controlled folders" option that does restrict access to the user AppData sub-folders. However that is a restriction by app access and has nothing to do with changing default permissions on those folders. Finally, the Controlled Folders option is not enabled by default.

Yeah i did wonder if it was the controlled folder part but after googling saw it was app based

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