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I have installed ESET remote administrator and after that i am trying to do a push installation on client systems. The client systems are Windows 7 PCs, the Install Task tab shows IN PROGRESS and more than a day it still shows the same, sometimes i get the error " Could not set up IPC connection to target computer (SC error code 6, GLE error code 53) " but most of the times it stuck at " IN PROGRESS".

On client end I have enabled the file sharing services and also enabled the network discovery but still the problem persists. Client systems can also access IPC through net use \\servername\Admin$


Also, I am running the ESET admin console in a Windows 2008 server as a VM. One issue that may be a problem with this is that going to hxxp:// will only run from the VM not a client PC. As well as, The machine I want to push the install does not show up unless I do a  "New Search" in the remote install Tab..


I have set this up as a VM for testing until our current AV runs out


I have restarted both VM and the client PC and this did not seem to help. I have also enabled remote Registry on the Client PC

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Hello Mihouser,


push install error codes are described here.

Try to run ERA service as domain administrator, it could help.


Regarding the second issue it sounds like a firewall configuration issue.

Is the server's IP reachable from the network?

Is the http server listening on the configured port? Check it with Portqry.

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