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reduce false roaming warnings

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Dear ESET team,

ESET Mobile Security is able to warn about mobile roaming and data roaming. This is desired where roaming causes additional costs, but not where roaming is cost free. Currently, the sheer amount of false positives is bothering me and also conditioning me to ignore the warning - which could become costly. Hence, I would like to get only the few relevant warnings. Please add a suiting feature, e.g. a possibility to manually configure countries where the warning shall show up respectively not show up (see at the end for details).

Issue in more detail: As I am living in south west Germany, it's just some 15km from the French border and little more to the Swiss border. My mobile often logs into the French network and sometimes into the Swiss network, despite I am still in Germany - e.g. because the hilly terrain of the Black Forest hides the German antennas. As a result, I've sometimes multiple false alarms a single day. For some years now, we do have cost free "fair roaming" within the EU. Hence, roaming to another EU member state like France shall not cause a warning. In contrast, roaming to Switzerland or other non EU countries like Tunesia or India can become quite costly, especially data. Hence, I hesitate to completely shut down the roaming warning. 

Solutions I thought of:

  • Geofencing. This is not a suiting approach. As noted above, I could be located in DE but have FR or CH network. Moreover, it is quite normal to cross the border for shopping, working, or leisure, so users really are in FR / CH but often still have DE network.
  • Automatically deactivate for all EU member states but activate abroad. This would not work properly for people having a SIM from non EU states, e.g. Switzerland or India. This would not not help much for those EU users that have also roaming to Switzerland included in their contract (not uncommon in border region).
  • Manual configuration. A list of countries, each with a checkbox to deactivate warnings for that country. For nearly all users, the list of countries included in their fee will be shorter than those excluded / costing. It would be convenient to have a grouping feature, i.e. "EU member states" with button/checkbox and the single countries as child entries, but in the end, it's a setting that users set once, so it's also OK to click all countries individually.

Best regards,



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You can disable roaming audit under Call/Data audit by tapping the three vertical dots. EMS has no chance to know when you have roaming for free and when it's paid.

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Dear Marcos,

I am aware I can completely shut off the roaming warning, but as written, a more fine grained configuration option is what I am looking for to avoid false warnings as well as high roaming costs.

Because EMS requests the telephone rights, it shall be able to read the mobile network provider (according to giga), which is related to a country, and for countries, users could be easily tell EMS whether they are paid or not as described above.

Regards, Georg

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