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Are there any known incompatibilities between Windows 8.1 and ESS ?

I ask because I just delivered a new laptop with this configuration.

Onsite I had various issues, all of which disappeared when I Temporarily Disabled Firewall. These included - network (seeing other computers on same Workgroup), Sage Accounts 2013, mapped drives.

Much as I was unhappy doing so, I had to leave the laptop with the client, but I'm sure he'll have trouble with these issues.

I have to say it wasn't me setup the new computer, so I won't know any configuration details until Monday.

But just wondered if there is anything I'm not aware of with this combination. I've not been keeping up to date since the forum changed :(

I don't really see anything relevant in this forum.


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Hello clyde, all of your mentioned issues relate to the firewall, and since you said they went away after disabling, its proven.


The firewall has several modes it operates on, the one it is set on may not work for your client.

You may need to create some rules or exclusions in the firewall to accept connections from Sage, other workstations on the domain or workgroup, plus allow sharing etc.

I recommend adding an exclusion for the programs and what ports they are using.

Dropping a configuration randomly with ESET will not work.

Keeping defaults on any firewall and then expecting all traffic on the network to work would tell me its a crappy firewall.


It may just need some tweaking, we would be glad to help you make some changes on Monday if you have access to the system.  ;) 

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Many thanks for that Arakasi, much appreciated.

I had the whole IP subnet range included in the Trusted zone.

I have done rules and exclusions before, so understand what you're saying.

My question was really because I've done maybe hundreds of (sort of) similar setups in the past few years, and never experienced this type of problem with Eset. This is the first I've done on Windows 8.1 - so maybe I'm assuming too much about that.

Unfortunately the client is going overseas on Monday, so it might be another month before I see this computer again. Unless maybe by remote :)

Thanks for your advice so far, and I'll update this when I have more information.

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I allowed and excluded my subnet as well, however still had problems in the office with Quickbooks.

It wasn't till the QB pos and program was excluded "with" the ports did the other workstations finally get connected to the db.


The excluding subnet may be too generalized, as i had to disable a few other things as well.

There is an IDS exceptions area too where i added a few private IP's.



Look forward to hearing back !

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