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ESET Security Management Console v7.2 has been released

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ESET Security Management Console v7.2.11 has been released and is available to download.


Version 7.2.11

  • Added: New version of ESET Management Agent
  • Added: Ability to pause ESET Full Disk Encryption available from EFDE client version 1.2 (EFDE - purchased separately)
  • Added: Agent compatibility with H1/2021 Windows version 10
  • Added: Automatic resolution of firewall logs and filtered websites
  • Added: New dashboard dedicated to ESET Dynamic Threat Defense
  • Added: ESET Enterprise Inspector version 1.4 support for macOS
  • Added: LDAPs support
  • Added: New filtering options
  • Added: Many other performance, usability and security improvements
  • Added: Ukrainian language
  • Changed: Updated End User License Agreement
  • Updated: Apache Tomcat and Apache HTTP Proxy
  • Improved: Discontinued the default limit for the number of displayed static groups
  • Improved: Performance improvements in the “groups” tree on the “Computers” and “Detections” screens
  • Improved: Selected screens redesign: Users, scheduled reports and edit updates in the navigation bar
  • Improved: Unified table design for task selection, computers selection and other features
  • Improved: Second-level menu added under "Change assignments" in the policy screen
  • Improved: Redesigned screens for permissions sets
  • Improved: Computer details screen
  • Improved: Check box for "automatically reboot when needed" is not selected by default when activating EFDE from encryption tile
  • Improved: Users screen
  • Fixed: Delay of product version status shown in the main web console
  • Fixed: System applications are not reported on macOS 10.15
  • Fixed: Language detection on macOS Catalina
  • Fixed: Table sorting behavior: Clicking column headers adds columns to multi-sorting until it has been clicked 3 times
  • Fixed: Last scan time in “computer details” screen won’t impact the computer security status tile
  • Fixed: User cannot resolve detections when the “Resolved” column is not shown in the “detections” table
  • Fixed: The side panel does not remember the expanded/collapsed state after log-out and log-in
  • Fixed: Some threats cannot be marked as resolved
  • Fixed: After moving computers from a specific group, the view is changed to the group "ALL"
  • Fixed: Web console issues on Turkish operating systems
  • Fixed: Many bug fixes related to MDM component
  • Fixed: Notification emails missing "TO" parameter
  • Removed: Support for upgrading from ERA 6.4 to the latest version of ESMC (ERA 6.4 can only be upgraded to ESMC 7.1)

Known issues:

Upgrade to Latest Version

Upgrade my ESET Security Management Console components to the latest version

Which version of ESET Remote Administrator or ESET Security Management Center Server and related components do I have?

If your ESET security product has not updated automatically yet, you can enforce product update by manually checking for update in the Update panel or wait until it updates automatically.

Support Resources

ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

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