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Administration of blocked application / services at End Point Security using Security Management Center

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Hi Experts,

Pls. pardon me if my query is repeated!

My eset Security Management Center Ver 7.1 running fine to manage my End Point Ver 2 & 3 Clients running Windows XP, 7 & 10 but sometime facing issue of blocking the services by eset client ...............for Example. I push GPO query to get the host sessions using power shell and received with error message saying unable to connect / Access denied and when verify at client machine the dns host service was blocked by eset so had to manually login each time to unblock the service, Since remote agent is already running at client, Is there a easy way to find out if any application / services blocked by eset clients so I can enable through ERA 7.1?


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What Endpoint product and version do you have installed on clients? On Windows XP the latest supported version is 6.5. On Windows 7 SP1 we recommend using Endpoint 7.3.

If you have ESET Endpoint Security installed, does temporarily pausing the firewall make the issue go away?

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