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Newsoftware's Folder Lock not work with ESET V5 or 6


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I have an issue with Folder Lock v7.2 not working with either ESET V5 or V6, but it works just fine with V4.  The only difference in the setups is ESET V4 replaces ESET V5 or V 6
I can open Folder Lock just fine, but when I try to open a locked Vault, Folder lock 7 becomes unresponsive and several features on the computer stop functioning.  The only way to restore operability is to unplug and then replug in the computer.
Using task manager I cannot stop the folder lock process and the "turn off  computer" feature (start>turn off  computer) has no effect, because the folder lock process cannot be closed.
The OS is windows XP pro SP3 x86 with all the latest updates and the ESET AV has all the latest updates.  Comodo firewall is also installed, but has no effect (the same thing happened with comodo uninstalled)
I have tried disabling HIPS and have repeated the process many times, it is always the same, with ESET V5 or 6 installed the computer locks up solid when trying to open a Folder Lock vault, with version 4 installed it works flawlessly.
I have tried creating rules in HIPS for all the folder lock .exe files that I can find (see below for details)
I have also disabled self defense and placed HIPS in interactive mode
also have tried with HIPS disabled
none of these actions had any effect on the situation
The problem has been confirmed by ESET QA, but so far I have not been able to implement a working solution.
Right now I am running with all the defaults in ESET V6 except HIPS is in interactive, I just cannot use folder lock, the only issue I have with V6 is folder lock will not function.
What could be present in V5 & V6 that is not present in V4?
Please any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.  I do not want to go back to ESET v4 and I do not want to change AV, but I need to use Folder Lock.
I would be most grateful for a solution and possibly all the members of the forum would benefit from an explanation.
These are the HIPS rules that I created (possibly an error, since this solution was suggested by ESET and is therefore assumed to work when done correctly)

Source applications:
    C:\Program Files\NewSoftware's\Folder Lock\Folder Lock.exe
    C:\Program Files\NewSoftware's\Folder Lock\FLComServCtrl.exe

Target files:
    for all

Target applications:
    for all

Target registry:
    for all




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Hi cupster,



For test purposes you can check if this is not eset filter driver.

Go to safeboot, rename c:\windows\system32\drivers\eamon.sys to e.g eamon_renamed.sys.

Then reboot and check it makes any difference.



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Thank you for the feed back harry.  I do have a file called c:\windows\system32\drivers\eamon.sys  with size = 157 KB (161,368 bytes).


As far as safeboot (I am not sure what that means), but I think it means press F8 while booting and go into safe mode.  I am sure that you know exactly what you are doing, but I am a novice and would be reluctant to mess with ESET drivers, unless the ESET mods support the idea or I could find a KB article on it.


Thank you again for the feedback and I will keep this advice in mind, my only reluctnace is my own lack of exprience, and is not due in any way to a lack of faith in your abilities or knowledge.

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