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Upgrade to 7.3.2032 desactivate all my computers


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I've got a problem since I upgrade all my computers from version 7.2.2055 to 7.3.2032. All activations are removed and it's impossible to activate the computers anymore. When I send activation to a computer via the management center, it says the task has been executed but the computer is not activated.

Is there an easy way to solve this issue?

Thanks a lot

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If you don't want to deactivate and re-activate the product during upgrade, don't select a license in the software install task.

What error do you get when you enter the license key manually in the activation window on a client?

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My bad... You can close the thread... I installed Endpoint Security in place of Endpoint Antivirus...

Was disturbed by a colleague while programming the upgrade and I chose bad product name.

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