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regular update of Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2032 does not work


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Hi after updating to Endpoint Antivirus 7.3.2032, regular virus database updates stopped working. The scheduler is set to update every hour, but the antivirus is updated only when the computer starts.

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On 6/16/2020 at 10:26 PM, MietekN said:

Try to delete all tasks from the eset scheduler and restore the default.

Hi it seems to be working. Is there a way to do it via ESMC for all clients?

Is it just my bug or global and will it be fixed in next Eset Endpoind release?



YES it is confirmed from ESET support that is 7.3 bug and will be fixed in next build.


Update not working again after few days🤦‍♂️




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I have a support case open with ESET. They told me that a hotfix will be release this week which will addresses the problem.


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Hi fixed version is 7.3.2036.0, should be released today.


Version 7.3.2036.0

  • Fixed: System shutdown after a scheduled on-demand scan if no action was selected.
  • Fixed: Sensitivity levels of detection mechanism would block files even if configured to report only.
  • Fixed: Firewall rules editor could crash under some circumstances, particularly after many re-ordering changes.
  • Fixed: The management console of ESET Enterprise Inspector is unable to obtain a copy of quarantined endpoint object.
  • Fixed: Bootstrapped installer would abort if installation folder is not empty, regardless of forced background clean-up.
  • Fixed: Certain sections in advanced settings would not render as a result of processing large configuration lists in the background.
  • Fixed: Uninstallation process is blocked when advanced diagnostic logging of Network protection layer is enabled.
  • Fixed: During product upgrade from version 6.x, Program Component Update (PCU) settings are not properly configured (to defaults) in managed networks.
  • Fixed: Blocking of certain vendors' USB printers in Device control does not work.
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13 hours ago, offbyone said:

Would be nice if someone else affected by the problem could try the new release.

For us it does not fix the problem.

scheduled update also not working for me....

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Does it help if you edit the regular update task in Scheduler and change the skip option from "at the next scheduled time" to "as soon as possible"?


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What you ask for is the workaround I found out and which I posted here:

As you can see, for others it seems to work so far.


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