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Mozilla Firefox and NOD32 Antivirus

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Hello everyone.

I've been using NOD32 Antivirus for a handfull of years now.

The same can be said of Internet Explorer which has been my primary browser for years.

However, since the recent massive vulnerability I have decided to move over to Firefox.


Being a fairly paranoid individual I would like ask about NOD32 and Firefox here.

Cant think of anywhere better than the actual forums :)


Soes NOD32 Antivirus 7 protect me just as well in Firefox like it did in IE11?

Is there anything I need to do with NOD32 in the settings to make it fully compatible with Firefox, or is it all automatic?

Also I'm running with the extension NoScript in Firefox for added security.

Will that program in anyway conflict with NOD32?


Please do forgive all of my questions.


Hopefully someone will answer them :)


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In regard to ESET's program - you will be protected just as fine as you were using MSIE11.



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HTTP checking is done on ANY browsers doesn't matter. so use what you like.


I use Pale Moon, which is a firefox based browser but keeps the old retro looks and is super fast and always has the latest security updates

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