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Is there a phishing problem with ESET ?

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I am a new user. I got a 3-devices licence a couple months ago. The address that I used for my account is NOT a gmail address. However, as millions of people I have a firstname.lastname@gmail.com address. And I received messages implaying that my trial period was over, which is totally weird since I have a 3-year licence. This is the reason why I have the impression there is a phishing problem with people pretending to be ESET. Could you confirm ?


Here is the message (in French) : "Fin de votre periode d'evaluation - votre avis compte" i.e., "End of you trial period - your point of view counts" with this link : "hxxp://satisfaction.eset-nod32.fr/index.php?sid=15235&lang=fr"

Either this is a scam, or there is a loophole in your CRM, since everything is in order on my account.

Thank you in advance for your help !

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There is a trial license for ESET Mobile Security registered with your gmail.com address. The license ran out 2 days ago.

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One thing to keep in mind is that Google's GMail has problems with period characters (".") in e-mail addresses. 

For example, there could be different email addresses registered with them such as:

  • john.smith@ɡmaіl.соm
  • johnsmith@ɡmail.сom
  • j.ohnsmith@ɡmaіl.com

And they can end up getting each other's email.  It is also possible someone with one of the similar email addresses mis-typed their own email address (for example, leaving out the period). 


Aryeh Goretsky

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