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Nod32 Antivirus and new wifi connection


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Hello. So I am running a new PC with a fresh windows 10 pro install. I have downloaded, installed and updated my Nod32 antivirus, My usual WiFi connection to my router works without any issue on my PC, but as soon as I connect to another WiFi source (my neighbor's), then the connection either (1) disconnects after a while, (2) is extremely slow, or (3) connects then says "No internet, Connected". The WiFi connection works fine on all my other devices (without Nod32 Antivirus installed), and as soon as I disable protection, then the connection establishes on the "new" WiFi. This led me to believe this may be a setting in my antivirus messing with the new WiFi connection.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Speed tests of my neighbor's WiFi on all my other devices are much greater than those speed tests run from my desktop PC.

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