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Problem updating ESMC


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This manual


says I need to click the "Update product" button in the "Help" menu, but there's no such button there.

I have



ESET Security Management Center (Server), Version 7.0 (7.0.471.0)

ESET Security Management Center (Web Console), Version 7.0 (7.0.429.0)

So there should be an update available, right? Is there some other way to update the server? I've updated the client agents to the latest version and now they seem not to be working communicating with the server correctly. I'm having the same problem as here: httpsg://forum.eset.com/topic/21520-new-agent-does-not-work/  It's said I should update the server, so that's what I'm trying to do.


The OS is Debian 9.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @helis - you should be in general getting a tiny notification in the upper right corner of the webconsole, about new version of ESMC being available. Alternatively, you can create a "ESET Security Management Center component upgrade task" and target it towards the machine, where the ESMC server is running. It should upgrade the agent, server and webconsole to the latest version.

However, even if your agents are on a newer version, there should not be any problem in communication, as those versions are mutually compatible, and no break in communication should occur. I would investigate one of the affected machines, for problems in agent tracelog / status.html to determine the underlying problem. 

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Ah, looks like it's a misunderstanding on my part. I have to install the agent on the server with ESMC as well? That's pretty strange, if it's a necessary component, then why isn't it installed out of the box along with ESMC straight away? Oh well, ok. So, as soon as I install it, the notification should pop up?

Anyway, how should I go about it, deploy the agent from the server onto itself?

As for the agent communication problems, I'll figure this issue out after I've updated the server. Maybe it'll go away on its own after that.

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Ok, nevermind, I installed the agent and upgraded the server with the "Security management center components upgrade" ta, it completed successfully.

But now I have server v 7.1 and web console v 7.0. I get this warning


and I do indeed experience errors and unexpected behaviour. Mainly, this


(this is on the "Threats" screen).

Rebooting the system didn't help.

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  • ESET Staff

In this case probably only solution would be to upgrade WebConsole manually. Please follow documentation: https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/71/en-US/component_installation_webconsole_linux.html?component_installation_webconsole_windows.html

Could you also describe more your environment, especially how initial deployment was done? Normally console should be upgrade via components upgrade task, but it seems that something failed in this case, or it is not standard deployment performed by ESMC all-in-one installer

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello !
Yesterday I receive update on my ESMC, but when I log on after the update It says that the Web console version is different from Server version. I am using ESMC virtual appliance. I run several  time Security Management Center Components Upgrade task but the task failed every time. How can I fix this issue ?


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  • ESET Staff

In case multiple attempts to execute task failed, there might be some issue with environment or version of console. Could you please check and possibly provide us trace.log from ESMC Agent installed on appliance? It should point out why upgrade of ESMC console fails.

Also as an workaround or mitigation of this issue, manual deployment of latest ESMC 7.2 console might be used, as described in documentation.

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@Tonos And if you try to run the upgrade again?

Curiously in my case error is a bit different and said "web console version (7.2) is different from server version (7.1)"

My next step will be

  1. logon into ESMC.
  2. Then enter into Computers section
  3. select computer where ESMC is installed
  4. clic on the computer name and select "show details"
  5. Go to "Products and licenses" of the computer and check if system detects any old version that needs upgrade
  6. clic on Upgrade ESET components buttom if showed
    Please note that a restart could be required to complete upgrade
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