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2 problems: slow p2p and no internet connection sharing

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Good Morning,

I am a new user of ESET SS 7. I have currently having 2 problems.

1) My p2p connect speed has reduced by 50%. My firewall is in interactive mode and i have allowed all kind of connection for my p2p client(ie, both inbound and outbound). is there any setting i might be missing?


2) I use 4g modem to connect to the internet and i use mhotspot to create wifi hotspot..well everything is working except internet on other wifi connected device. I have shared the main internet with the virtual adapter but still no internet.


Any kind of help is really appreciated


Thank You

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1, Please let us know how you fixed the issue.

2, If a communication is blocked, continue as follows:

- enable logging of blocked connections in the IDS setup

- clear the firewall log

- reproduce the problem

- disable logging

- post your firewall log records here

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