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Internet Security license activation prbblem

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Hello, I am at the end of my rope.  I have opened tickets, contacted the nearest ESET office by email, and still can not get a satisfactory solution/

I have been an ESET user for a decade.  I lived in Thailand, and renewed my license yearly online.  This year, I moved to a neighboring country [Laos].  I am unable to renew by the online process in this country.  OK, that is not a problem.  I bought a packaged CD and license from a large distributor here, which has branches in both countries [ADVICE.com].  When attempting to activate the license on my computer I repeatedly get the error *ACT.32* which means not usable in this region.  It does not matter if I enter Laos or Thailand as my residence, the error remains the same.

I contacted the regional service manager [Thailand].  Here was my reply [after waiting several days].  


Sorry for the late reply. At this time, the license key is not available for use in other regions.

(Error ACT.32 : The code means the registry key was from a batch that was restricted for specific countries and thus if the user selects a different country during registration, this error shows up)

หมายเลขเคสของคุณคือ LLZ-HRZCP-479

I have replied, stating my complete annoyance with this answer.  I legally bought this software in my country of residence from an official distributor of ESET products.  I paid for it.  Now I am told I can't use it, with no possible resolution to my problem.  This correspondence has been going on for nearly two weeks, and my current license has expired, so I get no updates at the moment.

I need this license, or a replacement license, activated ASAP.  The open ticket number is in the previous quote [ LLZ-HRZCP-479]

Can a customer service agent with the appropriate power please look at this case and reply in a timely fashion?

Thank you.

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It seems unlikely that a boxed version of ESET that was purchased in Laos could not be activated in that country because of geo restrictions. I've notified our APAC sales manager about the case and asked to have the appropriate staff look into it.

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