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AV-Comparatives - Data transmission in Internet security products


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I got PM from Marcos(Marcos explains in detail) and he also posted clear answer here.
It's good sign for transparency. (It's doesn't mean ESET is not transparent)

Its a public forum and opened space. Everyone can read this (guest also can read)
I believe it's good to know people who has a question about this.


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This is an interesting thread and I don't want to re-"heat up" this lively discussion ( ;)) but just some points I noticed:
You only answered one question. @sky7 asks 4:

1. Is the local IP address transmitted? [Answered: No]
2. Is the windows username transmitted?
3. Is the country / region of the settings of the operating system transmitted?
4. Are special updates delivered to users with specific IDs?

Just something that I can say about it:
3. In any case they know your country/region you set up during activating/buying your ESET (trail) licence. But whether they also send your OS-Language to ESET I don't know.
4. In any case they can identify you (with your ESET Update-Username) but whether they deliver special updates...? You mean they could send VIP-Updates?
I don't think that they do so, but you're right that you can't be really sure if you have no official source (e.g. an official answer) from ESET. - And I haven't, so I can't circumstantiate it.
And about "silly questions": It shows a very good kind of support and customer communication of companies if they also answer silly questions. In this case ESET can answer "Yes" and "No" and maybe explain why this question is not a such important factor for privacy protection.

The AV-Comparatives report based [... on ...] limited analysis of encrypted network traffic.

Really? Your network traffic is encrypted? Then I only want to refer to this topic: AV updates use non-encrypted username / password


And now I expect an answer of you, ESET, either in this topic or in the other topic.

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