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What is making request to "1c1e" IPv6 address when localhost is accessed?

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As discussed in several other forums, when using Mac OS, the default eset firewall configuration prevents users from accessing localhost via IPv6 (namely, `[::1]`).

It is because whenever user requests `localhost`, the OS seems to try to issue connection to e.g. `[::1c1e:cccc:0:0]`, and that connection gets blocked by ESet firewall.  This kind of IP seems to me some global IPv6 address which is currently not defined by the standards. refer: https://dnslytics.com/ipv6/::1c1e:cccc:0:0

My question is, why is this kind of network connection tried to be made in the first place?  Is it something caused by ESet?  If not, does anyone know what is making this kind of this request?

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