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Installing Third Party App via Console

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Hi Guys!


I was researching about this functionality and I saw that it can be done via the Run Command task. Just not sure how to execute it and the prerequisites before executing. 

Do I get a repository wherein all installers are already there? Or each installer needs to be on client side?

Please share your experiences and commands in implementing this. Thanks so much!

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  • ESET Staff

There are technically two possible ways:

  • Using "Software installation task" which can install arbitrary MSI installer files. IT has to be available locally on target system or via HTTP, which will be entered into task configuration. In case of network share, permissions has to be set in a way that local service can access shared installer (this causes most common issues).
  • Using "Run command task". In this case it might be more complicated, as whole installation logic, including package download and execution has to be written as command. But If I recall correctly there are few powerhshell snippets to be found on the forum that might help.
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